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Primary Program

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Here is a listing of primary schools, seeking Sponsors. They are organised by State and Territory in alphabetical order. To read the full profile, including the school description and the Principal’s statement, please click on the relevant READ MORE buttons. More primary schools will be added as word spreads through our network and we receive new submissions.


Ajuga School

Glenfield, NSW

Year Range: Kindergarten to Year 12
Description: South-west Sydney government school, serving children with autism and a history of trauma
No of Students: 64
ICSEA Score: 859
Indigenous Enrolment: 40%
Non-English Student Enrolment: 10%

Lithgow Public School

Lithgow, NSW

Year Range: Kindergarten to Year 6
Description: Government School
No of Students: 372
ICSEA Score: 938
Indigenous Enrolment: 11%
Non-English Student Enrolment: 0%

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