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    Dec 20, 2023 0

    We’re approaching the holiday break so we want to express our appreciation to our supporters… thank you to our Sponsors, Donors, Role Models, volunteers, schools, and communities. Your dedication has resulted in the distribution of 129,048 books through 2023. This means we have crossed our 3 million books distributed threshold! Congratulations to everyone for every part you played in contributing to and helping Books in Homes complete another successful year.

    In 2023, Books in Homes fulfilled 35,820 student orders and delivered 107,460 books-of-choice for participating students to own and share in their own home. In addition, 15,612 Preview Pack books were delivered to the schools and communities for integration into their libraries so that all current and future participating children can access all the books made available through Books in Homes. A further 5,976 Caught Being Good Books and Certificates were also distributed to the schools and communities to use as rewards for children for whatever reasons they determinedOnce again, well done and thank you to everyone involved with Books in Homes!

    We still have several days before the end of the year so if the timing is right, please consider donating to any of our campaigns that resonate with you. We have our general Books in Homes campaign where funds are used across Australia; our Western Sydney campaign, as well as our Postage Fund, which is always in need of donations to help us re-home our donated books across Australia. Every dollar helps, and every book in the home makes a positive impact.

    It’s time to sign off on 2023. Thank you for being part of the Books in Homes journey that seeks to fulfil our greater vision—to create an Australia where every child and family has access to books in the home.

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year to you and your families!

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