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    Books in Homes® is best known for building bridges… between urban and rural Australia, between education and culture, and between literacy and opportunity. That’s why we were inspired to name our ezine The Bridge after receiving one such story from Janet Westcott from Walgett Community College Primary School in NSW.

    The story takes place during the Term 1, 2015 Book Giving Assembly. As told by Janet:

    “I explained to the children what a mentor was—someone who believed in them, encouraged them, and cheered them on in life.
    We then welcomed our very special guest, Mrs Robyn Pearson who is a much loved local woman. Robyn spoke briefly about why reading was so important, that she herself could not read, and how this has affected her life.
    She told the children how she couldn’t leave Walgett because she couldn’t read any signs and would get lost—she had to stop at the bridge because that was the last thing she could read.
    Robyn encouraged the children to learn to read these books and then they could go past the levy and read what the next bridge said and to please come back and tell her, so she too would know. They must then go onto the next bridge and read that for her as well and come back and tell her.
    Each child was hugged and given individual encouragement. When a child refused to come out the front to collect their books, Robyn went to them. The children left the assembly with a real understanding of what a mentor is, and here was someone who truly believed in them.
    We could not have had a worthier mentor.”

    We could not agree more! The Walgett teachers and community understood the idea at the heart of Books in Homes®—learning how to read gives you the power of choice. Whether it is the choice of a book, a choice of a job, or just the simple choice to cross a bridge—when you can read, that choice is yours!

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