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    Our Distinction


    Books in Homes® is unique in its charter to provide books to children, living in disadvantaged circumstances or in remote regions or Indigenous communities because of the following reasons:


    The Program is on offer to ALL children in Australia (new, adopted and born here!) in sponsored or self-funded participating schools.

    Empowerment via Books-of-Choice 

    Children in participating schools get to choose books they WANT to read rather than the books they are told to read, which forges an even greater connection to their chosen books and encourages repeat reading! The right to select their own books also enhances students’ confidence and self-worth.

    Shared Family Reading

    Children keep the books they have chosen, which they often view with great excitement on par with birthdays or Christmases. Children are therefore able to begin building their individual home libraries, as well as to share their books with siblings thereby encouraging reading as a family activity.

    Quality through Program Structure

    Children choose new and popular quality books across four reading levels that contain current stories and themes, as well as diverse subject matter. The books on the catalogues have been short-listed by literary and educational experts on the Book Selection Committee. Approximately 66% of the books on the Program are Australian content.

    Preservation and Sharing of Indigenous Culture

    The Program has a quota of 25% Indigenous content so children have access to fiction and non-fiction books written or illustrated by Indigenous creators.

    Inspiration that Enhances Aspiration

    Children interact with and are inspired by fun Role Models at special Book Giving Assemblies each operating term. These Role Models talk about how reading impacted on their personal and professional lives and helped them break into their respective careers. They also entertain the children by doing live illustration, reading aloud, performing a story, demonstrating a skill, or doing a scientific experiment, and much more!

    Opportunities for Children

    Students on the Program can win additional book packs for themselves via the Role Model Competition offered each term through the Books in Homes Primary Catalogue. Furthermore, children can enter regular competitions to win book prizes, which are featured in our monthly ezine THE BRIDGE.

    Incentives for Children

    Students have the opportunity to be rewarded with additional books via the Caught Being Good Program offered at each participating school. These books and Caught Being Good certificates are awarded for excellent or improved school attendance, reaching reading and literacy goals, helping peers, and other reasons.

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