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    Lithgow Public School


    Primary School:Lithgow Public School
    Town and State:Lithgow, NSW
    Summary:Regional government school
    Year Range:Kindergarten to Year 6
    No of Students:372
    Indigenous Students %:11%
    LBOTE* Students %:0%
    School Description:Lithgow Public School is located in the Blue Mountains, approximately two hours west of Sydney, and was established in 1875. The school caters for K-6 students including five special Education and one Gifted and Talented class. Our school community supports us in addressing literacy, numeracy and community engagement as key strategic directions. Lithgow Public School plays a significant role within the community and place our students at the centre of everything we do. Our teachers ensure that they teach in such a way as to personalise and individualise learning so that our students achieve their potential every day. We aim to create dynamic, engaging and inclusive learning opportunities to foster positive relationships to ensure every student is known, valued and cared for, and that every student, every teacher and every leader improves every year. Our school includes the “Lithgow Loves Learning” motto in everything we do to encourage children’s love of everything educational, be it reading, mathematics, science, library or sport.
    Principal’s Statement:Lithgow Public School was extremely fortunate to be involved in the Books in Homes Australia program since 2012. Our participation in this program was only possible because of the commitment, in the first instance, of the University of Western Sydney who, in conjunction with Books in Homes Australia, funded this amazing opportunity for our students. We have since then been able to participate through grants from Energy Australia, fundraising, school funds and our P & C’s contribution. Lithgow Public School has seen the wonderful impact this program has had on our students, the majority of whom are from low socio families. They have always waited excitedly for their books to arrive each term, which in turn has led to a sense of ownership of their books, which some children have never experienced before. The borrowing of books from our school library has increased as the students realise what an amazing experience reading books can be. Literacy levels of students K-6 show improvements over the years which can be attributed to more students involved in reading at school and a home. We are asking a future sponsor to look into this program to see for themselves the benefit and value it has on children and literacy, and in this increasingly technology-based world, their enjoyment of books, stories and information. A sponsor for this program would establish themselves within the school and local community as a true leader and nurturer of the written word.
    Annual Sponsorship Cost:$35,112.15 (ex GST) per annum across three terms for the standard three book program.
    Additional Comments:Two sponsors could support the school by paying $17,556.08  (ex GST) each, and three Sponsors could support the students by paying $11,704.05 (ex GST) each. The school also qualifies for the two book program.
    More Information:If you’re interested in sponsoring this school or require additional information, please phone Peter Large on 0420 984 970 or email: peterlarge@booksinhomes.com.au


    *LBOTE = Language-Background-Other-Than-English

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