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    Books in Homes® currently receives corporate and personal donations, works with businesses and government departments, as well as communities and schools in more advantaged areas in order to continue providing our Program to children across Australia.

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Books in Homes® welcomes the support of corporates and philanthropic organisations to partner in its mission to provide books-of-choice to children and families living in remote and low socio-economic circumstances. Sponsorship of a school will provide your organisation with a number of rewarding PR and volunteering opportunities and benefits. For more information please visit our Sponsors and Partners page. For Sponsors who are looking for suitable schools to support, please check out our Schools Seeking Sponsors page.

    Schools and Community Partnerships

    Books in Homes® partners with a number of schools in more advantaged areas across Australia to sponsor schools in remote regions or those that fall within a lower socio-economic bracket. This is also known as peer-to-peer fundraising.

    We also partner with councils, clubs, community leaders, as well as community service organisations and networks to bring the Program to disadvantaged and remote schools so no children will educationally be left behind. For more information please visit our Fundraise page.

    Donations and Bequests

    Help children on the Program by donating funds that can be put towards buying something as simple yet as necessary as a Book Bag, or fund a child for one year or more, or contribute to our postal fund so we can send additional donated book packages to childcare centres, preschools or primary schools located in disadvantaged communities—the choice is yours. For more information please visit our Donate page.

    Entire schools have been funded for many years through the generosity of benefactors who have made bequests to Books in Homes®. The Program works best with continuity and longevity so bequests are an important aspect in meeting those goals.


    Books in Homes® has multiple openings for Volunteers who understand that reading is the gateway to education and may be looking for opportunities to “pass it forward” to help the charity fulfil its vision, which is to create an Australia where every child and family has access to books in the home. For more information please visit our Volunteer page.

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    Stay in touch with Books in Homes® and our activities via our monthly ezine The Bridge. For more information go to our Subscribe page.

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