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Preschool Program

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Program Description

The Books in Homes® Preschool Program typically runs in preschools with children aged 3-5 years old. The Preschool Program operates in Terms 1, 2 and 4.

Key Components

The key components of the Preschool Program are:

  • To support preschools by creating a “value” for reading
  • To support families to increase reading engagement with their children
  • To motivate families and children to view reading as an “everyday” activity
  • To support preschool children, living in remote and low socio-economic areas, by giving them equal access to books-of-choice as their more advantaged peers
  • To create a legacy of books-of-choice in remote and low socio-economic homes.

Program Benefits

Some of the benefits of the Preschool Program are that it:

  • Empowers children and their families to choose books they are excited to read that align with their tastes and interests
  • Introduces new, fun and high quality picture books into traditionally “bookless” homes
  • Allows children to start building home libraries and encourages sharing between siblings
  • Normalises reading and provides the foundation for the development of literacy skills prior to the schooling years especially when children read and re-read their favourite books with their parents or carers
  • Facilitates bonding and engagement between children and their parents or carers via reading activities
  • Fosters creativity and enjoyment through reading
  • Invokes the children’s imagination
  • Facilitates a positive emotional connection between books and family time so that children are more likely to remember them with warmth and nostalgia as they grow up
  • Provides access to contemporary stories, characters and themes that are inclusive and relevant
  • Provides children with the ability to entertain themselves
  • Enhances cultural connection via the 25% Indigenous book offering on the Program
  • Creates anticipation and excitement when the children wait for the arrival of their books prior to the Book Giving Assembly
  • Introduces children to Role Models from all walks of life and professions who share inspirational life stories because of books and reading.

Program Components

The Preschool Program provides the following every year:

  • Three Preview Packs of 12 books – Each Preview Pack allows families to view all the books on offer prior to making their selections. The Preview Packs (36 books in total) are then donated to the preschool library for all to access.
  • Book Catalogues – Glossy A4 Book Catalogues are distributed in the Preview Packs to students each term. They include information on the book titles and an order form. You can view the current Preschool Catalogue here.
  • Books for Children – Each participating preschooler receives nine books per year (three books in each of Terms 1, 2 and 4). They are predominantly picture books.
  • Book Labels – Books in Homes provides a label or name plate for each book, which emphasises the two most important characteristics of the Books in Homes program—choice and ownership.
  • Book Bags – Each term the children receive a sturdy waterproof bag to keep and to protect their books.


The Program provides the following each year to each participating preschool:

  • 36 books in the Preview Pack
  • Nine Books-of-Choice per child
  • Nine Book Labels per child
  • Three Book Bags per child
  • Three Book Giving Assemblies per year.

The cost per child is $77.70 (excl GST).


Preschool Program Participation Agreement T222 to T123

Preschool Program Participation Agreement T423 to T223

Further Information

Peter Large
CEO and Chairperson
Books in Homes Australia
Phone: 02 9434 2488
Email: peterlarge@booksinhomes.com.au

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