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    Books in Homes® was founded on the realisation that failure in adult life often stems from childhoods spent in homes without books. Children who cannot read, become adults who cannot communicate and this is unacceptable in a world that operates on the written word. Everything we do in life embraces the ability to read and write. Just imagine a life not being able to read street signs, or not being able to use email, or not being able to read medicines and food labels, or, indeed, be employable!

    Our vision is to create an Australia where every child and family has access to books in the home.

    You can donate by mail by downloading either our program information and donation form or our single donation form and sending your contribution by mail.


    You can help by donating through our secure GiveNow portal. You may wish to donate a specific amount for specific items or packages such as the ones listed below, or to a community campaign, or nominate a particular institutional recipient. Just choose the option that is most meaningful for you.

    In the meantime, we thank you for your generous support.

    One Book Bag$2
    Every term, children on the Program receive a Book Bag to protect their Books-of-Choice. For some students a Book Bag becomes one of life’s necessities, as it doubles up to carry text books and homework to and from school, swimming costumes and towels to their local pool, and more.


    One Book – $7
    Children on the Program receive nine Books-of-Choice a year. Your contribution will help towards paying for one of those books.


    One Primary School Child Per Term – $28

    Your contribution will pay for one child to be on the Program for one term. Your donation will cover three Books-of-Choice, one Book Bag, and three personalised Book Labels.


    One Primary School Child Per Year – $82

    Your contribution will pay for one child to be on the Program for one year. Your donation will cover nine Books-of-Choice, three Book Bags, and nine personalised Book Labels.


    One Primary School Per Year – From $984

    Primary schools on the Books in Homes® Program range from 12 children to 700 children. Your contribution of $984 will pay for 12 primary school children in the smallest of our schools to participate in the Program for one year. Your donation will cover 108 Books-of-Choice, 36 Book Bags, and 108 personalised Book Labels. Larger donations will help fund schools with greater numbers of students.


    Your gift will directly support children at un-sponsored childcare centres, preschools and primary schools in disadvantaged areas around Australia that could be described as:

    • Having an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) under the national average of 1000
    • Are located in a socio-disadvantaged area, remote or Indigenous community
    • Having refugee children with a language background other than English.

    While we don’t ship individual items to specific children, all the donations are pooled and pay for real items and packages listed above, which make a very real and positive impact on the children who receive them. Donations can also be used for additional projects or activities such as the Postage Fund, which pays for the shipping costs of independently donated and value-added books and gifts that are sent to participating childcare centres, preschools and primary schools.


    Are donations tax deductible? 

    Yes. The Foundation is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

    Will I receive a receipt for my donation? 

    Yes, a receipt will immediately be sent to you by email after the transaction is processed through the bank.

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