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    Please donate to support our vision to create an Australia where every child and family has access to books in the home.

    Books in Homes® Fundraising Appeal

    Seeking $100,000

    This general Books in Homes® Appeal is used to support small disadvantaged, remote or Indigenous preschools, childcare centres, and primary schools across the country that would otherwise not have access to books or simple items like stationery that we take for granted, and where it is highly unlikely they will find a Sponsor.

    Books in Homes® Western Sydney Campaign

    Seeking $25,000

    Books in Homes® is working to identify primary schools in Western and South Western Sydney that will benefit from being on the Program and to raise funds to help make that happen.

    Books in Homes® Postage Fund

    Seeking $2,000

    Books in Homes® occasionally receives independent donations of books, magazines and other gifts to send to children in communities, centres and primary schools, participating on our Program. The cost of shipping to outback Australia is high so donations to our postage fund helps keep the goods flowing and the smiles coming.

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