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    Hannam Vale Public School


    Primary School:Hannam Vale Public School
    Town and State:Hannam Vale, NSW
    Summary:Regional government school
    Year Range:Kindergarten to Year 6
    No of Students:22
    Indigenous Students %:2%
    LBOTE* Students %:9%
    School Description:Hannam Vale Public School is a TP1 school situated 45km north of Taree in a small village located in a forestry and dairy farming area on the Mid North Coast, NSW. We are part of the Port Macquarie Network of schools. We are a small isolated rural school with 22 students Kindergarten to Year 6. The school provides a stimulating, relevant, effective and personalised learning environment that caters for the individual needs of all students. It aims to break down the barriers of isolation for its students and provides comprehensive educational experiences which enhance the intellectual, social, physical and emotional well-being of the students. Our students have strong partnerships with the local community and neighbouring schools.
    Principal’s Statement:My name is Kelly Bryden, I am the new principal at Hannam Vale Public School. I have experienced the value of your program in a few schools over my time as a teacher, principal and also as a parent and have witnessed the amazing benefits it has to offer. Our aim is to support improved student reading outcomes by ensuring that all families have access to quality books in their homes. As a small school it is often times difficult to fund and/or support our families with supplies and resources. We are seeking sponsorship to ensure we can offer this amazing opportunity to all current and future students at Hannam Vale Public School. Due to the location of our small community and family access to transport (no public transport) our families find it difficult to access the local library. Data indicates that a number of children entering kindergarten each year have not had access to quality rich texts prior to school. A program such as Books in Homes will be greatly appreciated by parents, families and community here at Hannam Vale Public School.
    Annual Sponsorship Cost:$2076.535 (ex GST) per annum across three terms for the standard three book program.
    Additional Comments:N/A
    More Information:If you’re interested in sponsoring this school or require additional information, please phone Peter Large on 0420 984 970 or email: peterlarge@booksinhomes.com.au

    *LBOTE = Language-Background-Other-Than-English

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