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    Ajuga School


    Primary School:Ajuga School
    Town and State:Glenfield, NSW
    Summary:South-west Sydney government school, serving children with autism and a history of trauma
    Year Range:Kindergarten to Year 12
    No of Students:64
    Indigenous Students %:40%
    LBOTE* Students %:10%
    School Description:Ajuga School is a K-12 setting for students with a complex trauma history and/or autism. Our school is situated on a large acreage in Glenfield, NSW, in the Campbelltown LGA. We have five primary and four secondary classes with students enrolled from across south-western Sydney. Our school is a setting that invests in relationships and provides space and time to create, sustain and repair connections with students and their families. We empower our students to better understand how thoughts and feelings drive our behaviour and we help our students to understand and label their emotions, reframe and develop in ways that increases their capacity to make positive choices. Whilst our students may join the Ajuga School community with a history of complex trauma and/or Autism, we are strongly committed to ensuring that this does not define who they are nor limit their potential to develop new skills and competencies towards becoming life-long curious learners.​ We are currently creating a library space in our school, and have a heavy focus on developing a love of reading across our school. Our School Plan an emphasis on literacy development.
    Principal’s Statement:As noted above, Ajuga School is a trauma responsive setting, catering for students with a complex trauma history and/or autism. The majority of our students are from low-socio economic background. Our Aboriginal populations ranges from 35-40% of our total population each year, and a large portion of our students are in Out of Home Care. We are heavily focused on providing our students with the opportunities that their peers would have in more affluent suburbs. This includes an emphasis on reading for pleasure. In early 2021, as part of our Strategic Improvement Plan, our team mapped out a goal for all students at Ajuga School to develop a love of reading by 2024, with literacy milestones for our staff to work towards implementing to support movement towards this goal. We are providing targeted Professional Learning for staff in reading, and have committed to a three-school project focused on literacy improvement. Our families do not have a disposable income, and books are something that they are unlikely to prioritise when for many of them, feeding their family is a struggle. We have partnered with Food Bank to ease this issue, but the purchase of books within the home remains low. We are seeking sponsorship to help us get books into our student hands at home. Whilst we are investing in developing our library, in creating class library bookshelves, in staff professional learning targeted at reading, and ongoing reading for pleasure activities on the school grounds, we know that if we can increase students having access to books in their home, then we will increase literacy outcomes and will move quicker towards our goal of all students enjoying reading for pleasure.
    Annual Sponsorship Cost:$5,241.60 plus GST across three terms a year for the three book program
    Additional Comments:N/A
    More Information:If you’re interested in sponsoring this school or require additional information, please phone Peter Large on 0420 984 970 or email: peterlarge@booksinhomes.com.au



    *LBOTE = Language-Background-Other-Than-English

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