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    The Mainfreight Award for Excellence in Attitude was launched in 2019. The award recognises senior students at our Mainfreight-sponsored school who have shown a positive attitude in all areas of school life or who have been recognised for having accomplished a major goal or made an exceptional effort at school during the year. The award is usually granted to the most deserving student at each school, but in some cases has been awarded to two (2) deserving recipients.

    The 2023 awards were presented to winning students during Term 4, 2023 Book Giving Assemblies or at graduation ceremonies. Mainfreight provided each winner with an engraved silver trophy; and a certificate personally signed by Rodd Morgan, Group General Manager of Mainfreight Australia; as well as a copy of the DK Complete Atlas of the World: The Definitive View of the Earth—a complete and unrivalled portrait of the modern world.

    The 2023 winners were:

    • ALTONA NORTH PRIMARY SCHOOL  (Vic): Jonah Ngawaki (Grade 6 ) – Awarded for displaying incredible growth and development as a responsible student and leader at Altona North Primary School. He has demonstrated exceptional progress in his attitude towards learning, consistently displaying a positive work ethic and a willingness to perform to the best of his abilities. He has also shown great resilience in the face of challenging learning situations, recognising the importance of persistence in such situations. It has been truly inspiring to see Jonah blossom and flourish as a learner, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Well done, Jonah.
    • BROADMEADOWS PRIMARY SCHOOL (Vic): Jack Tyler (Grade 6) – For always exceeding his teachers’ expectations academically, and always showing the school values of kindness, respect and learning together.
    • CAROLE PARK STATE SCHOOL (Qld): Shantelle Stephen (Grade 6) – For demonstrating an outstanding attitude toward her schooling. This is evidenced by her commitment to attendance and citizenship this year and throughout her time at Carole Park State School. Shantelle has excelled as a school leader. She has been a great role model for her fellow students and managed extra responsibilities.
    • CHALLA GARDENS (SA): Tyler Pearce and Charlotte Ballard (Grade 6) – Tyler and Charlotte both have an excellent attitude towards their learning, as well as a positive mindset. They both work hard to achieve their best.
    • DANDENONG SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL (Vic): Dilan Saliu (Grade 6) – For demonstrating excellence in all aspects of the academic and sporting curriculum this year. Additionally, he has consistently demonstrated our school values of safe, respectful, and responsible whenever he is representing the school. He has been an exceptional school captain in 2023.
    • DOONSIDE PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Connor Watts (Grade 6) – Nominated for consistent application and enthusiasm throughout the year.
    • DUBBO NORTH PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Jenna Armstrong (Grade 6) – Recognised by Stage 3. Teachers for a positive attitude to her school schoolwork as well as service to the school. She has volunteered regularly in the school library as a senior student.
    • DUNDULA STATE SCHOOL (Qld): Chloe Ford (Grade 6) – Whilst Chloe has not had an official student leadership role this year, she has displayed leadership qualities throughout the year. Chloe is a quiet achiever, working hard in all areas to achieve excellent results. She is always willing to give everything a go even when it is challenging. Chloe takes pride in her work, even ensuring that her spelling sort is neatly cut each week. She was the first to master all her number facts this year. Chloe shows initiative, seeing a job and doing it, without being prompted. Always one of the first to be lined up, she has taken on organising the containers for change, even though it can be a messy job at times. Chloe is softly spoken and kind to all her classmates. She loves reading and is a regular borrower at our school library.
    • ELIZABETH SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL (SA): Zach Nichols (Grade 6) – All of the teachers have agreed that Zach should receive the Mainfreight award due to his consistent demonstration of the school learning code, and his ongoing demonstration of effort and excellence within all subject areas.
    • GLENROI HEIGHTS PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Kodey McGovern Plummer (Grade 6) – Is a leader at our school. In his classroom, he is helpful towards peers and wears his school uniform wth pride. His attendance is 95% for this Term and has been above 88% all year. He accepts challenges in his learning and asks questions. He is friendly to all other students and includes others in games.
    • HARLAXTON STATE SCHOOL (Qld): Gracie Beattie (Year 6) – Has consistently displayed an excellent attitude towards learning and leading. She has dedicated herself to improving her effort and application in class, which has resulted in increased confidence, knowledge, and skills. Gracie has also shown great leadership throughout the year, most recently stepping up on camp to show initiative, resilience and respect through her words and actions. Gracie is a worthy recipient of the award for ‘Excellence in Attitude’.
    • HILLVUE PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Abigail Northard (Grade 5) – A valuable and well-respected member of the student body of Hillvue Public School. She demonstrates qualities of an enthusiastic, goal driven student. Abigail embraces every opportunity offered to her and, following an interest, she undertook tutoring at school, in public speaking and drama, discovering a hidden talent. Abigail has persevered and displayed great bravery and tenacity to compete and perform at a local eisteddfod and at whole school assemblies. Abigail always presents at school every day with a sparkle in her eye and a positive attitude towards her learning and school.
    • HUME PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Gwen Alkemade (Year 6) – A Year 6 student who sets a great example for her peers and younger students across the school. She engages in all learning opportunities and is committed to her own improvement.
    • KEMBLAWARRA PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Asher Thom (Grade 4) – Is a committed student who embodies our school values of safety, respect, and responsibility. He has worked incredibly hard this year, particularly in writing where he has dedicated himself to writing more detailed and sophisticated pieces. Asher is an avid reader and would cherish this opportunity to expand his knowledge.
    • LIDDIARD ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL (Vic): Melinda Turrell (Grade 5) – Is an exemplary student who has a genuine love of reading and writing. She is excelling in both of these areas in class. Melinda is also one of our Student Reading Tutors which is a leadership position here at LRPS. She listens to a Foundation student read each week and plays reading games with them. She shares her love for reading with her little buddy!
    • MAJELLA CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL (WA): Joao Soares (Year 6) – Is a remarkable individual known for his friendly demeanour and unwavering dedication to his studies. As a student, Joao stands out not only for his academic achievements but also for his genuine and approachable personality. He is the type of person who effortlessly makes friends and creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere wherever he goes.
    • MATRAVILLE SOLDIERS SETTLEMENT PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Kayla Magiropoulos (Year 6) – For showing growth and determination in writing throughout the year.
    • NERANG STATE SCHOOL (Qld): Xin Fu (Grade 6) – For achieving to a high standard consistently.
    • NOBLE PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL (Vic): Rosie Chapman (Grade 6) – For maintaining academic excellence..
    • SOMERTON PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Benji Johnstone (Year 6) – For his positive attitude towards his schooling.
    • TOWNSVILLE WEST STATE SCHOOL (Qld):  Arthur Garnier-Bourne (Grade 6) – Despite facing adversity in his life, he continues to be a model student. He always puts in his very best effort into every task no matter how difficult he may find it. He is kind to every single student and adult in the school community. He is a wonderful role model for younger students. Arthur has made significant academic gains this year.
    • WENDOUREE PRIMARY SCHOOL (Vic): Vivien Kuntsi (Grade 5) – For demonstrating a dedication to her reading rarely seen at a Grade 5 level. Not only has Vivien reached level Z on Fountas & Pinnell comprehension scale, she has also shown strong leadership skills during weekly Socratic Literacy Circles (literature comprehension circles). Vivien regularly reads at home for leisure and shares this passion for reading with her teacher and peers in class.
    • WOODBERRY PUBLIC SCHOOL (NSW): Ivory Thompson (Year 6) – Has really worked hard on increasing her resilience and developing a positive attitude to difficult things.

    Books in Homes Australia is exceptionally grateful to Mainfreight for this prestigious and generous award, as well as for their continued support in all areas of the Program. We believe this Award will be treasured by these special students for years to come.



    PHOTO: Vivien Kuntsi from Wendouree Primary School (Vic) with Mainfreight representatives John Lloyd and Vanessa Maxwell.

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