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One of the charters of Books in Homes® is to help schools and communities (that is, those that have not been able to obtain sponsorship) to self-fund. School and community fundraising campaigns will soon be posted onto this page and will include the following information:

  • Campaign Name
  • School or Community Description
  • Fundraising Target
  • Fundraising Diary Notes

You can track the progress of each campaign right here.


If you wish to fundraise for a particular campaign then email support@booksinhomes.com.au to obtain a copy of the Books in Homes® Fundraising Information Kit.

If you want to donate to a particular campaign then just click on the GiveNow link to make a one-off or regular donation and nominate the campaign of your choice either online or by email via support@booksinhomes.com.au.

Further Information

Peter Large
CEO and Chairperson
Books in Homes Australia
Phone: 02 9434 2488
Email: peterlarge@booksinhomes.com.au

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