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    May 30, 2023 0

    Books in Homes is proud to partner with the Magnolia Project, a community-based program whose aim is to provide a trauma- and evidence-informed approach to support children whose parents are in contact with the criminal justice system.

    The Magnolia Project is made up of an independent group of professionals and members of the Australian community, as well as supporters and friends around the world. The Magnolia Project is committed to supporting a range of new initiatives and programs to promote trauma-informed and compassionate criminal justice policies and practices.  One of those initiatives is the Magnolia Book Project.

    The Magnolia Book Project support connections between people in prison and their families by sourcing and packaging children’s books for distribution to people in South Australian prisons. The books are made available – at no cost – to those who are parents or primary caregivers of young children, who simply choose a book they think their child will like and personalise the gift through card. These are then sent as a gift to their child. The books are used to mark a significant family event, such as a birthday, and have a special meaning in the lives of recipients.

    Books in Homes is helping, with intermittent donations of new children’s books to this fantastic program.

    For more information about this great initiative go to:

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