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    COVID-19 and its Impact on Books in Homes Programs

    Apr 1, 2020 0

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused great disruption to family, life and work in Australia and abroad, and as a result of COVID-19, Books in Homes Australia will be deferring our Term 2, 2020 programs to Term 3, 2020.

    As our leaders, governments and businesses have continued to introduce tougher regulations and policies to combat the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, it is unclear what shape our schools, preschools and early childhood and community centres will take when they resume in Term 2. Also, there are concerns the possible shutdown of the businesses we depend on will impact the delivery of our Preview Packs and the children’s Books-of-Choice orders across the country.

    As a consequence, it has become increasingly unlikely that we can proceed with Term 2 within our current operational framework. We are fortunate that we do not normally operate in Term 3 of the school year, and we are therefore able to delay our Term 2 Books in Homes Programs to Term 3.

    We have today informed our schools, communities, Sponsors, Role Models and other supporters of the change.

    Our decision has not been made lightly, having experienced the escalation of COVID-19 concerns recently during Term 1. Many thanks to our schools, communities, Sponsors and Role Models for working with us to keep everyone updated with the status of Term 1 Book Giving Assemblies.

    In terms of the proposed shift of the Program from Term 2 to Term 3, this will be the first time in the history of Books in Homes that we have not been able to execute our program in a scheduled school term. But these are challenging and uncertain times.

    Many children are now at home, experiencing cancelled sports activities and limited or no social contact with others, making it difficult to pursue outdoor activities. It would be a great time for children to have Books in Homes. However, there is a consolation… those who have been on the Books in Homes Program prior to the impact of COVID-19 can now pick up their Books in Homes from previous terms and rediscover the riches that lie within.

    We look forward to commencing again in Term 3, 2020 to distribute books to the schools and communities on our Program around Australia. The Books in Homes staff are currently working from home and are available to answer your questions.


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    In the interim, stay safe and healthy.
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