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    New Look Launch

    Oct 1, 2019 0

    Books in Homes Australia is evolving and moving into the next phase of its development. To symbolise and mark that change, the charity has launched its new logo, which will gradually be integrated onto various digital platforms and print publications. This process will take about six months. As part of the new logo roll-out, Books in Homes has issued new “I am a Books in Homes Role Model” badges for its Role Models to drop onto their websites and social media platforms. A HUGE thanks to graphic designer Cliff Watt from Scholastic Australia. Cliff has done a stellar job in re-designing and tweaking the logo as it went through its many incarnations to modernise it in line with the charity’s new direction. Books in Homes is exceptionally grateful to Cliff for all his hard work, as well as to the Scholastic team who generously extended the offer to help in the redesign process. This is a taste of things to come.

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