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    Fresh Fruit Goes a Long Way!

    Apr 30, 2019 0

    The relationship between Noble Park Primary School and Mainfreight started with sponsoring the Books in Homes Program, which supplies books-of-choice to the students three times a year, but has now extended to health and wellbeing.

    Noble Park Primary School in Victoria identified a real need for their students to have access to healthy food, a necessity for all students to reach their full potential. Nutrition is important to everyone but eating well is especially a challenge for those who are disadvantaged.  There are currently 374 students enrolled at Noble Park Primary School and 44 different languages spoken.  Currently, 203 children at our school receive CSEF (Government funding for camps for schools, excursions funding).  This funding is available to families who access Centrelink services. 

    Beginning October 2018, Noble Park Primary School began collaborating with Mainfreight, their Books in Homes Sponsor, and Second Bite Australia. Second Bite is committed to making a positive difference to people by identifying sources of nutritious surplus fresh food and providing it to community food programs that help people in need at no charge.  Mainfreight has generously donated transport of this fresh fruit weekly to Noble Park Primary School.  The team delivers 100kg of a fruit weekly, and the Sustainability Student Leaders of Noble Park Primary School distribute the fruit to the Learning Houses. Our parent community has embraced this initiative by cutting up and making fruit platters. Students have access to fresh fruit in their Home Rooms during the week and are encouraged to make healthy food choices to fuel their bodies for learning.  This fruit also is available in our Breakfast Club, four mornings a week and for families to take some home.  

    Each year Noble Park Primary School has an End of Year Breakfast BBQ.  It was wonderful to have the Mainfreight team attend in 2018.  They kindly donated their time, BBQ facilities and bacon and eggs. The continued support in 2019 from Mainfreight and Second Bite has had an impact on students’ ability to be ready to learn. The students look forward to receiving the fruit and guessing what might be delivered each week. 

    Mainfreight has proved to be a true ‘friend’ of Noble Park Primary School, participating in a range of activities at the school.  The school is extremely grateful for this partnership with Mainfreight. 

    Story and photos contributed by Tina Malaeb, Community Liaison, and Michelle Walley, Teacher, from Noble Park Primary School, Vic.

    Above: The Mainfreight team and students from Noble Park Primary School.

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