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    The Ausenco Foundation Funds Books in Homes Program for Children in Need of Intensive English Language Development

    Jan 29, 2019 0

    The Ausenco Foundation (Ausenco) has extended its generous support of and commitment to the Books in Homes Program from the east coast to the west coast of Australia by sponsoring 183 children at Perth-based Dianella Primary College’s Intensive English Centre. The students—who come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background with little knowledge of English, and who are transported in each day from the metropolitan area, north of the Swan River, to attend the Intensive English Centre—will now each have the opportunity to choose nine brand new quality books per year to take home and start building their respective home libraries.

    Books in Homes Australia is grateful to Ausenco for its long-term sponsorship of the Program. Indeed, Ausenco has sponsored Durack State School in Brisbane since 2011, and has funded 3654 books-of-choice, as well as 432 additional books in the Preview Packs that are donated to the school library, and 196 Caught Being Good books, which are awarded to children who have improved their attendance, school citizenship or their reading ability. That’s 4282 books to Durack State School alone, plus another 696 to another Queensland school—nearly 5000 books!

    Ausenco has now provided additional funding for Dianella Primary College to join the Books in Homes Program so that students who need to improve their English language skills can get the same opportunity to learn and engage with reading during critical development years. The books-of-choice, as well as the contents of three Preview Packs (144 additional books, which are donated to the school) will also help the Intensive English Centre’s reading support initiatives. This includes having older children “buddy’ and mentor younger students by reading to and with them in order to develop comprehension, as well as vocal skills.

    Thanks, Ausenco!

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