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    Welcome to the New Books in Homes Website

    Sep 1, 2018 0

    Welcome to the new Books in Homes Australia website!

    As we move into our 18th year of operation in Australia we’re also moving into new beginnings… this website being amongst them. We are fortunate to have the support of myriad Sponsors, Role Models, schools and communities, donors and volunteers, and we also hope to bring in more people into the Books in Homes family because we are initiating a number of new projects and fund-raising campaigns in the upcoming year that will support our vision, which is to create an Australia where every child and family has access to books in the home. Please take a few minutes to explore and familiarise yourself with our new website, as this will be the mother ship of our online presence and will be your first stop in getting the latest news as we move towards the magic figure of distributing 3 million books-of-choice to disadvantaged children around Australia.

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